Posted on: September 13, 2012

In antiquity this famous words from Julius Caesar had a cruel sense of social dissolution, but their logic is a timeless utility infinite repository of pragmatism characteristic of the Roman spirit.
Think: how to solve a problem?
The answer that our subconscious automatically sends is: Analyzing it (ok, may happen other word with the same meaning could appear).
“Analyze,” is a Greek word that means the process of decomposing a complex topic or substance into its various constituent elements in order to obtain a better understanding of its nature.
So instinctively we divide a problem to conquer its solution.
Managerially that’s fantastic, because a manager who does not subdivide their demands is often accused of controlling, domineering and seen as “the one who sits on top of things and does not delegate anything to anyone but earful.”
Besides delegating or not, the responsibility of the final result will always be the one who holds the power and the burden of decision-making: the manager.
Managerial prerogatives are accompanied by responsibilities and obligations in a symbiotic relationship. It’s inalienable.
Your team deserves your trust, but also deserves your support, your genuine concern and interest to achieve the best results throughout the entire process. The manager is more than the responsible for the outcome, is responsible for integration.
Do not be surprised: split first and then gather every piece in a more harmonious way. It is a process where the input is the task to be performed and the output is the result or goal that must be attained.
The manager integrates the processes because it is the focal point of the formal communication. He receives the demands of the jobs above, the communications of the team, directs the planning and execution of tasks, reporting the results to .
The manager centralize the official communication, not as an organ of censure, but to ensure that the right information will be communicated in the right way to the properly person. Moreover the communication noise would be harmful to his team and would soon been roaring in his own ears! In the end who usually gets the criticism is the manager who must pass it to team properly, taking strongly care to don’t harm the integration and the motivation of the team.
We should not be upset if our manager receives profuse congratulations because of the report that we spent the last 24 hours doing, for surely the pressure and responsibility that he has been supporting are (or should be) proportionate to that recognition. It’s a question of balance and collaboration, preferably where everyone wins.
Gloomy is when the manager does not recognize his own team ignoring the motivational factors that drive the human genius. In this case he is making an outrage on his own excellence.
In this field the lore presents us with a valuable advice: “Who walks alone can get faster, but who goes accompanied goes further”


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